We help improve productivity, retention and engagement
What benefit does Hazini present to the efficiency of your company in protecting their most valuable asset - staff?
Employer Benefits
As an Employer, you have full Control
Through the Hazini employer dashboard, HAZINI gives you full control over key decisions, such as how often payments are made, how much they amount to, which employess receive the service and ensuring messaging is in line with company values
Increasing your staff retention rate
Employers offering a Salary Advance report a 41% reduction in staff turnover. One in five workers would consider a new job in the same role if it gave them access to their salary upfront or whenever a need arises.
Increase work morale
Employees appreciate that their employer is actively trying to support them. Stress caused by financial concerns – which can affect work performance - is reduced. Users of Salary Advance Apps have been found to be 73% more motivated.
Financial well-being for employee
46% of staff experience increased stress levels during the week before pay day. Hazini can reduce stress even for people who may only need it once or twice a year and provides a useful flag for HR intervention amongst the 4% of the population who have “problem debt”.
Effortless repayment
Your employees don’t have to remember to repay. Everything is setup for them and repayment is processed automatically. Truly effortless.
Reduce sick-offs
23.7% of all sickness days in the Kenya are caused by mental health issues. With money worries being a significant contributor to stress and poor mental health, a Salary Advance App can have a significant impact.