Frequently Asked Questions
If anything is unclear - we are here to explain everything you might want to know.
What is Hazini?
Hazini loans are personal loans for employees of organisations signed up to the HAZINI platform. If a loan application is successful, repayments are collected directly from your pay.
What is the interest rate of a Hazini loan?
Our Representative Rate is 10% PM. If you are offered a HAZINI loan, your rate will be based on your personal circumstances and will be fixed for the duration of your loan.
Why has my application been declined?
Each application is reviewed individually and a number of factors are considered when making a decision. We cannot guarantee approval even if you have had a loan in the past, your new application may be declined.
How much can i borrow and for how long?
We offer loans from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 200,000. You can choose between 1 month to 3 months.
How do i make repayments?
Hazini loan repayments are made directly from your salary OR you can repay through M-PESA PAYBILL 808086, ACCOUNT NAME- Enter your HAZINI Account Number. You can repay the loan in full or make an additional payment at any time, with no fee.
How can i check my loan application status?
Sign in to your App to see the latest status of your application - if you need to do anything, we’ll email you and ask you to sign in to see what action you need to take.
What happens if i leave the company?
If you leave the company and there are still loan repayments outstanding, you can clear the repayents with us you’ll start making repayments by Direct Debit using the bank account details you supplied during the application process.

The interest rate and repayment schedule remain the same. We can change the repayment schedule if you need to bring this in line with a new payday, for example.
Should i be worried about my credit scores?
Applying for a Hazini loan will not affect your credit score, as we only perform a quotation search (soft check) on your file at this point. It's only when you accept the loan that we perform what's called a 'hard search' that will show on your file in future.

If your application is approved, HAZINI loans help you make repayments on time through direct payroll repayments OR Paybill repayments, which can help improve your credit score with us through a period of on-time repayments.
When will i receive my loan?
Once you have signed your loan agreement and an approval is given from the HR, we'll be able to send the loan amount to you. We aim to have the money to you within an hour - loans are sent our 24/7 but things can be a little slower at the weekend and overnight.
What happens if an incorrect deduction is made from my pay?
We check each repayment to make sure the correct amount has been deducted. You will be able to view the deduction made in your payslip or by signing in to your account. If there is an issue, please contact us by filling in the form below and if you’ve overpaid, we’ll refund the overpayment to your bank account.
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